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Prejac 60 is one of the male impotence drug to treat another form of sexual disorder called as premature ejaculation.Premature ejaculation is the process where men secrete and throw out the semen much before completing the sexual intercourse. And hence they cannot carry out the sexual activity completely or for a long time. Basically, premature word is vague and has different definitions for different people. So it can be re-defined as ejaculation that happens before men and women having sex really wants it, and men do not have any sense of control over it.

Prejac is named on the name of this disorder. It is composed of famous chemical component called as Dapoxetine which is proven and used by people to treat their early ejaculation process and reach a stage where men have some sense of control over it. This eliminates the frustration associated with an out of control ejaculation thereby giving them ample time to perform sexually.

It helps them enhance their sexual lasting ability without any constringency. Dapoxetine present in Prejac is also helpful in aiding an pertinent blood flow in to the phallus and ensures applicable erection lasting for a long time to fulfill the requirements of a normal sexual intercourse. These impacts boost confidence and gives determination to perform sex.

Prejac is the actual medicine which is sold in a branded version under the name of Priligy. But Priligy is a slightly expensive brand and is not affordable for a long treatment by common men. Hence the generic version called Prejac was invented which is a relatively cheaper substitute but with same contents and impacts. Once taken, the impact of the drug lasts for 4 to 5 hours allowing multiple sessions with confidence.

Information about product functioning:

The active element of Prejac called as Dapoxetine permeates to a section of drugs called as serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Every action, process and response in our body is governed by our nervous systems. There are signals transmitted and processed before every activity takes place in our body. This conveyance of signals from one place to another place is done by neurotransmitters and once a neurotransmitter receives and transfers a signal, they are absorbed back and are made contrived for the next signal to be transmitted.

Premature ejaculation happens, when there is minimal gap between the transmission of signal for ejaculating and absorption of the neurotransmitter. This results in faster ejaculation. So when Prejac is consumed, Dapoxetine delays the process of absorption of neurotransmitters and hence avoids the signal for ejaculation to reach from the brain cell to the nerves surrounding the penile region.

This gradually gives a sense of control to men over the ejaculation process giving him time to complete or continue the sexual intercourse till he wants or longer than what previously was possible. There have been numerous test conducted on men with premature ejaculation problem and they have observed an increase of two to three times in the duration of their sexual intercourse.

Dapoxetine present in Prejac also supports and ensures proper blood flow into the penis enabling proper and durable erection. These paired effects of Prejac empowers a sexual intercourse that is full of pleasure and fun and fills the men with stamina and confidence which was not present before.

Normal Dosage:

It is a very powerful medicine available in variable potencies but the most preferred and used potency is 60 mg tablet. It is generally taken with water just 30 minutes before get going with the sexual intercourse and its effects lasts for up to 36 hours.

Since the effects of Prejac lasts for such a long time, it is not advisable to consume this drug more than once in 24 to 30 hours, else it could result in harmful side effects because of over dosage.

The finest way to absorb all the benefits out of this drug would be to get oneself assessed by a doctor w.r.t the entire medical history and potential allergies and get a suitable dosage treatment. This avoids all the possible offshoots and helps men recover faster.


Storage conditions are very important to maintain a drug and soak out its entire set of benefits.

Keeping it stored in a room temperature is the ideal environmental conditions.
Also it should be away from the reach of children and women since it is a hush hush drig only for men.
Avoiding usage of Prejac with pregnant and breast women is better for the female partner and the child since the chemical Dapoxetine could affect adversely though not proven medically.
Also it should be stored in a dim place with low light or no light because long exposure to light can damage and completely destroy the drug.

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