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Ruagra 100 uses Sildenafil Citrate as its main and active ingredient to suppress the ill functions of PDE5 enzyme that is significantly responsible for obstructing the erection process. Sildenafil Citrate works on the blocked blood flow in the male reproductive system and hence helping you to overcome impotency. So now attain erection in no time with just one pill of Ruagra and stay play active in bed all night.

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Working information about Ruagra:

Powerlessness or impotence in male is mainly due to inadequate supply of blood to the male private organ. The PDE5 type enzyme is responsible for blocking the blood flow in to the penile region. Hence for a man it becomes difficult or nearly impossible to attain the hard and extended erections. Ruagra pill plays the role of suppressing the ill activity of PDE 5 enzyme when the man is sexually aroused.

The use of ginseng and L-arginine herbs in this pill takes the process of erection further and stimulates the man by enhancing the endocrine activity in the body. These herbs in the tablet help in relaxing the heart and artery movements. Basically, ginseng and L-arginine increases the chances of getting stronger, longer and harder erections. It also boosts the sexual desire and allows you for a successful intercourse till the climaxing. The medication on intake unlocks the blocked arteries and enlarges the narrow blood vessels that permits easy blood flow to the penile area. With this, you are able to achieve longer and healthy erections within no time.

Ruagra Sildenafil Citrate Dosage:

Read the suggested ways and doage information given below :

Only take the prescribed dose that is Rugara 100 mg.
You can only take one tablet when you are feeling sexually aroused in the span of 24 hours that has to be taken orally with one glass of water and 10-20 minutes before your planned sexual intercourse.
If you increase the dose without asking your health expert it may lead to severe side-effects on your body.
It is not favorable to break, chew, crush or bite the tablet.
Do not consume alcohol and smoke when you are on this medicineas as it can result in adverse effects.

General Ruagra Plus Precautions:

Below are some important safety measures and precautions that one must follow:

Men who have other serious health issues need to consult the doctor before taking Ruagra.
Simultaneous use of other drugs with Ruagra can lead to health complications.
Use this medicine only after doctor’s consent if you are encountering from any heart and kidney disorders.
Women, children and teenagers should strictly stay away from the intake of Ruagra pills.
Ensure that you don’t go to your workplace (factory) after consuming Ruagra.

Ruagra Sildenafil Citrate Side-effects:

Some of the possible Ruagara side effects are given below:

Like other male enhancement drugs even Ruagra gives out some side-effects on your body that are minimal, mild and short-lived however everybody may not experience these side-effects.
Some commonly observed side-effects are nasal congestion, runny nose, nausea, facial flushing, head ache, vomiting, diarrhea, blurred vision and upset stomach.
If you observe these side-effects worsening with time or persisting for a longer period do contact your doctor.
Use Ruagra regularly under doctor’s guidance and with proper care to avoid these kinds of side-effects.
Once you get habitual to this medication, these side-effects will stop showing up on your body.
If you experience any abnormal health condition or in case of facing painful or prolong erections visit your doctor.

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